The "which famous person died today" thread


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30 Sep 2016
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I have been thinking about how i never remember when a famous/infamous person dies when arguing about them. So, rather than different threads about cunts, who are now dead cunts, why not have our very own one place obituary? It will be a resource we can all use inbetween collecting spanners.
Magic, I was forced by bullies, big bullies, to start a thread taking the piss out of you. I was wrong to do it, I should have stood up to them like Ruth Davidson did to Jimmy Krankie but anyway.............

brilliant thread. I hate these RIP ones where we all say how wonderful some bloke in Hamerica was just because in 1972 he sang a song that everyone liked. So hopefully now all the sad, mard arsed, oh look at me posters who want to post that Joshua Rosenthorpe, drummer for the Harry and the Helmets has died aged 93 can post it in here rather than an individual post.

Oh and the bullies were that wrong un from Canada called Bacon, the Eyediho one and someone named after a Swiss Cheese.

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