The worst actor on TV/film

Really? Toni Colette, Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pearce, Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman.

I think you’re just being antiantipodean. the Aussie straight talking attitude etc etc but the actors, in general, leave a lot to be desired.
And I always thought Russell Crowe was New Zealand,
Russell Crowe is a Kiwi isn't he?

Guy Pierce is English.

As for Nicole Kidman she's an American.

But I get what you're saying mate :)
They all spent most of their youth and started out acting in Australia. Crowe I agree is the most tentative but still more Aussie than Kiwi.
Sam Neill is a Kiwi - mind you he's a brilliant actor.
In the horror film Event Horizon(1997) set in 2047, Sam Neil requested that the Australian flag on his character's uniform be updated to incorporate the Aboriginal emblem in it.

The same cocky Cockney C**t in every decent film he’s been part of -but fair play to him milking it
It’s back to type casting, if you knew he was in a film you would know the whole story more or less, it just shows that there are lots of limited mediocre actors but very few great actors who give life to any role

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