Tips and experiences with cutting back on alchohol

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MadchesterCity, 29 May 2019.

  1. MadchesterCity


    12 Sep 2009
    Since my mother passed away; I have noticed that I am drinking much more regularly through the week, beers or a bottle of red wine every other night. It feels there is always a reason to pop open a bottle of red, if I'm cooking a nice meal / pasta etc. or if there is a match on the box
    It's got to the point where offcourse sometimes it is amazing and I do enjoy it at the time but it's not really something special now more habitual.

    I tend to drink excessively when City are playing and I'm down at the matches alone (if not travelling with my daughter.) I actually think I use this as a defensive mechanism to help relieve stress and tension and helps me get involved wth the chants and banter. I found the run in very stressful and sure I used drink as a way to help me relax

    Looking to cut out booze until the start of the season as I really enjoy the social aspect during the football.

    Any recommendations on how to cut out the booze through the week and save my enjoyment for drinking at the footie?

    Drinking is not currently causing any problems with family and work but know it would save us a fortune if you consider expenditure is probably between £20 - 40 a week before including weekend football outings

    I'm not looking at going to see AA, Samaritans, rehab etc. As I don't believe I need this level of help.

    Expecting posts to tell me to man up but appreciate any advise and if anyone else in a similar routine.
  2. beast


    25 Apr 2009
    Stock up on fizzy water, ice, a slice of lime and or ginger. Sounds boring but it works for me when I want to lay off it.
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  3. Blue Hefner

    Blue Hefner

    11 Jul 2009
    I’d say start off small. If you say you don’t want to drink until the season starts, ask yourself how realistic is it? Don’t set goals that you feel you can’t achieve as you’ll probably end up falling short and beat yourself up about it. Maybe just not drink during the week for starters?

    On top of that change your routine. Get a hobby, say 5-a-side. Don’t have any booze in the house, if you’re sick of water I can recommend the Heineken 0% . If you walk past a shop or a pub i.e triggers on the way home, find a different route

    Start with the stuff you can change quickly. You can’t help a load of people sitting outside the boozer on a summers day and getting an urge to go in but you can walk the other way
  4. FantasyIreland


    29 Oct 2008
    By the power of Grayskull......
    Find something else to occupy your time/mind.

    Sport/gym,education,volunteer work etc.
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  5. Pubteam Lomas

    Pubteam Lomas

    12 Dec 2010
    I used to drink a few cans every night. So basically when I was off (whether a weekend or a holiday) it wasn't any different.
    I made the choice to change that for the sake of my bank balance and my health by saying I'll only drink on days off. It was a start.
    Also left myself little errands (that I needed the car for) to do after tea so I wouldn't have a drink before and during tea.
    Now I actually drink water (I know it's boring) and I sleep better.
    I also look forward to a can on a Friday as it starts the weekend by unwinding.
    You seem totally with it and there'll be loads of advice, a lot of it more scientific and exciting than mine, but it helped me.
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  6. BimboBob


    7 Jul 2008
    Listen, Can you smell something?
    Give it up during the week. Have a few at weekends. If you stick to water you'll sleep better and feel great when you wake up.
  7. stonerblue


    23 May 2004
    Still alive here....
    I have a simple rule; no booze in the house.
    I have a couple of pints most days (down from an average of 5) and that does for me.
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  8. Nebuchadnezzar


    14 Feb 2012
    This is the one. The last 6 months or so I have been slipping into a few drinks in an evening, I think it is normal to allow yourself something at the weekend. Best of luck with it, it can be a tricky cycle to break but like any behaviour, you can learn new ways to do things.
  9. Blue Mist

    Blue Mist

    14 Aug 2005
    It is not just cutting down on the beer, clearly the death of your mother has affected (effected ?) you, perhaps more than you are admitting. Have you talked to family about how it is a(e)ffecting you ? If you sort out that issue the drinking may not be needed. What I am trying to say is tackle the cause if that makes sense.
  10. AlexWilliamsGloves


    7 Jan 2009
    East Belfast
    i started to notice feeling particularly crap at certain times in the week...and was able to link it to drinking/hangovers...then started to question, did i need that pint at lunchtime or that beer in the evening.
    I decided to use New Year as the excuse to cut down/give up and set myself a target of the end of June.

    Rather than cutting down i have just stopped completely...its all or nothing for me. Strangely, by making a point of completely stopping its been easier.

    Ive continued to socialise but have chosen to drive...which means i still go out, but i get home quicker :-)

    I relish having a clear head in the morning, i do feel better for it...i sleep better...but it genuinely took some time to "detox". I didnt have a problem, i was just fed up feeling like shit.

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