TV Fixture Changes 2019/20


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15 Apr 2010
The games are only taking place because of TV. It would be more than a grumble.

I'd suggest a bit of common sense for yourself. You can't be that naïve.

Im genuinely not sure what you are getting at.
I’ve checked the overall fixtures for that week, and there at 2 on Tuesday and 2 on Wednesday, (and none on Thursday), all 4 on sky sports. Asking why they couldn’t move to Wednesday and Thursday instead, with zero negative impact for Sky seems a reasonable question. But to also suggest there’s some ‘agenda’ at play for this particular decision, which actually hits the teams going for securing top 4 more than us, seems odd too.


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18 Jan 2011
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Manchester City/Hibernian
Watford on a Tuesday? Not so helpful with Cup semi on the Saturday before - I assumed it would be the Wednesday
No bother. City can play an 'alternate' team and beat Watford. As well to get the Watford game out of the way before the big game against Norwich!

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