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Paul Lake's Left Knee

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4 Jan 2008
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stony said:
Banshee, second best thing on TV at the moment
Will give that a go, heard it supposed to be a bit mental.<br /><br />-- Tue May 28, 2013 1:59 pm --<br /><br />
nicholasjackson said:
The Shield finished now but great 7 series, based round the strike team and their troubles keeping order on the streets while taking backhanders plus clashing with the police captain, wrote by Shawn Ryan

stars micheal chiklis, Catherine Dent, Walton Goggins, Michael Jace, Kenneth Johnson (III), Jay Karnes, Benito Martinez, CCH Pounder, Cathy Cahlin Ryan
guest stars glenn close, franka potenta and forest whittaker

Sons Of Anarchy season 6 to start in sept in USA, Kurt Sutter says it'll probably finish after season 7 , based around a biker club ran by clay morrow, drug running, guns etc, lot of the shield cast are in it at various points due to Sutter being a writer on The Shield

Sons of Anarchy Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Ron Perlman, Mark Boone Jr., Tommy Flanagan, Kim Coates, William Lucking, Maggie Siff, Theo Rossi

Also try The Unit, was 4 series long , bit like U.S version of that grant mitchell programme from years ago
Sons of Anarchy is on Netflix - might give it a go. Mental note of the Shield as well.

Watched the Unit, but only did on going series otherwise the Wire would be top of the list!!!


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11 Mar 2008
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Paul Lake's Left Knee said:
Shadz69 said:
Arne Dahl on the beeb has been brilliant.2 more episodes to go.About a swedish police unit,with subtitles.
Reading you say, i'm not sure about that... i liked Wallander - the british remake with Kenneth Branagh, not watched the original though.
Well worth it but I don't mind subtitles.

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