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2 Feb 2014
No new owner of utd will be pumping money in like ADUG did at City in the early days of the takeover. That was done because there was a potential to grow the business. The Rags have peaked, new investment would only take them back to where they were. And this 50+1 thing is absolutely delusional. Are they thinking that the fans are going to stump up around £3 billion for a majority share in the club?
Utd have got decent owners, they spend money on players when they need to and they take out what is due to them as owners of the club. They sack managers on a regular basis, they've had nine in the last decade, so it's not like they're not trying on the football side. The fans just aren't happy because they're not winning at the moment.
Isnt the problem that they listen to the fans to much. As soon as their fans throw the toys out of the pram, then the owners placate them with a big signing. Remember in the early days of our take over, the players signing were mercenaries. How many of their players only went for the extra money
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