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The Colonel

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10 Jul 2009

If you want to ‘know your enemy’ this, from 2004 and pre Utd takeover, is worth a read.

Their method of paying little and extracting lots is well established.

Here’s more ammo, destroying their pseudo moral stance and “oil money“ cries. There are other examples of course.

Colin Bells Boots

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31 May 2016
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The last line of your post is very important.
You raise a very good question..
It wouldn't take long or cost much for the BBC to launch an investigation on their own doorstep....

Don't think the BBC would be interested in exposing the shite associated with the rags as they get so many clicks from licking their arses at every opportunity.


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18 Jun 2009
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The Glazer empire is a huge bubble which is waiting to burst. Their so-called shopping mall businesses make no money and are apparently built on huge debts (even before Covid). In fact they appear to be just a collection of shell companies with no substance at all. It is impossible to find out because their finances are buried in the Cayman Islands.
Their main cash cows seem to be the Tampa Bay Bucs and MUFC but these organisations are also underpinned by a huge mountain of debt. As stated on here the Glazers' original wealth was generated in the Texas oil fields.
What is clear is that they pay virtually no tax, certainly not in the UK, but they continue to take cash out of MUFC. They have invested virtually nothing in the UK or the local community of Greater Manchester. When you look at the community projects on their website they are essentially PR spin with little actual investment. Even United fans themselves acknowledge the Glazers are a total disgrace. So why is no one from the UK media investigating what the hell is going on with these characters?
Would we really want that?

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