United Thread - 2023/24

I wonder what Jim ratcliffe real aims are ...
I've been wondering if the Glazers have brought in Ratcliffe to pilot them thru an effort to get local gov't to help pay for a new stadium or stadium improvements. In the states sports franchise owners pit local gov'ts against each other when its time for a stadium upgrade - even locations thousands of miles apart. Best offer gets the 'privilege' of helping to fund a billionaire's project. The Glazers need native savvy to steer them thru a similar process on foreign soil. Ratcliffe, if successful, would probably end up with sweetheart deal for increased ownership. Don't think the Glazers can figure out any other way out of inevitable decline without a Hail Mary play by a hired gun.
If he stands as a Labour candidate he'll get in. Most on here would vote for him.

There should be no mayors in any city they bring naff all get paid to much especially the bloke in London who has a fleet of bullet proof 300k Land Rover they are all self interest don't give shit money grabbing self righteous kunts
So, let’s get this straight.

The rags nicked the name of their ground from Lancashire CCC.
The rags nicked their nickname from Salford Rugby League
The rags nicked the name of a city that they don’t play in.

And now they’re trying to nick the epithet of their potential new home from the one bestowed upon the former stadium, more than 80 years ago, of the club that they have spent the last 30 years deriding?
What does that last paragraph mean?

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