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14 Sep 2008
A Pale Blue Dot
He was torpedoed on it but I honestly don’t know where. Very likely the same place. He’s not alive to ask now and nobody would be likely to know.
Here you go... https://uboat.net/allies/merchants/ship/3370.html

10 killed in the attack from U-Boat U-295 on Nov 2nd 1944 in The Barents Sea, just after leaving Murmansk in Convoy RA61. Eventually returned to Liverpool on Dec 11th, in the next convoy, RA62, after temp repairs in The Kola Inlet.

I remember my dad telling me it hit the stern of the Mounsey and it was extremely cold and dark it was up there at that time of year. He was 19 at the time. Difficult to imagine what it was like for them.

Anyway, since this is the photos thread, here's a pic of a U Boat of the same type that damaged the Mounsey...


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