Volunteers Needed For 'Jump Space' Bucket Collection

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by blue_bird, 26 Mar 2010.

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    6 Feb 2005
    Counting how many times Mancini says 'important'..
    As the title suggests we're looking for volunteers to man collection buckets around the stadium before the Villa game which is our last home game of the season.

    As Jump Space is Paul Lakes chosen charity I think we should all get behind this.

    The aim is to give children with autism & other special needs somewhere to be able to play and where they can be looked after by fully qualified carers which will, in turn, give their familes some much needed breathing space to do something for themselves and give more attention to other children in the family. They have currently two sites in Didsbury & Bramhall and a prospective site in Hazel Grove. The site in Disbury will be closing down shortly (not through the choice of Jump Space) so a new building is desperately needed.

    So, if you feel you could help out by manning a bucket on the day or indeed by helping out in some other way please either pm either myself or Lakey (blueripple).

    Many thanks,

    blue_bird xxx<br /><br />-- Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:20 pm --<br /><br />Oh and there's a free ticket to the End Of Season Party to anyone on Bluemoon who volunteers....

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