Was this season peak City?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Cityfan, 21 May 2019.

  1. Cityfan


    28 Jan 2009
    Firstly this is not a woeful declaration that everything is downhill or that we will be poor next season, just thinking out aloud as to whether we will go up further, down a bit or remain the same next season.

    Things which point towards next season being tougher than this:

    Statistically when any change is made to something that is far away from the mean the likely change is towards the mean. In terms of performance we are miles away from the mean just now, it will be bloody difficult to get improvement.

    We are losing a captain who has clearly been inspirational and is when fit still a first choice defender, I am not sure we can improve on this.

    Two of our key players Silva and Aguero are getting older, whereas Aguero has not shown any diminution this season he has in the past been injury prone and at some point will become less effective. Silva started the season in great form but has undoubtedly been less effective later on, doubtlessly he will still have moments but whether he can regain his best form is uncertain.

    We may be losing Sane, I hope not but he has contributed hugely to our attack often in important matches like against Liverpool and in the CL. Latterly he has played less and we have not been scoring as many goals. He adds something that defenders find very difficult to plan against.

    We still have a weakness at left back which other teams have occasionally exploited, all suggestions are that this is not going to be remedied in the close season. If Mendy has another injury prone season I am sceptical about Zin for a whole season with an injured back up.

    Reasons to be optimistic:

    KDB is probably our biggest talent and hardly played at peak fitness all season, he should definitely improve the team if fit next season.

    No major competitions this summer, we had more players in the later stages of the world cup than anyone else I am amazed we lasted as well as we did this season our players should be rested better for next season.

    We undoubtedly will be getting new signings, it will take time for them to bed in but if we get quality we will have something new that has not yet been analysed by the opposition.

    Foden, Sterling, Jesus, Bernardo, Laporte, Stones & Zin are all at ages where they can still improve, I think several of them need to if we are to improve lets hope they do.

    I don't know how we will do but I do think improvement will be tough, it should be a great ride though especially if tour younger players can step up.
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  2. fathellensbellend


    30 Jul 2005
    Just keep going win as much as we can, chase down the titles on by arsenal/Chelsea etc the more you win, the more you want to win
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  3. supercity88


    9 Aug 2009
    I think it is the sign of things to come.

    We were tested by a strong Liverpool side and before the season had we been told Mendy, Fernandinho and De Bruyne would be injured for large parts, most would not have expected huge success.

    The squad has been tested and performed. Foden and Gundogan stepped up and Bernardo showed his immense talent.

    The key will be replacing Silva, Kompany and Aguero and strengthening further. Mahrez showed some signs of his ability but questions remain. Sane might leave. Foden has proven he is ready but physically probably isn't able to play the number of games to directly replace Silva.

    Reinforcements are needed but there is no doubt this can be just the start. A third league success and CL win has to be the target. Use the league cup for youngsters to emerge, whilst still trying to win it. If Mendy and De Bruyne can stay fit for the majority of the season we go up another level.
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  4. Go to the open top bus parades. Go to Wembley if you can. Rejoice in the good times and remember the bad times fondly.

    If there is one thing to learn from them lot and the others down the lancs is that nothing lasts for ever.

    Have fun and treat every trophy like the last. Enjoy!
  5. Andrew___K


    20 Aug 2016
    You're not fully 'getting' Pep if you're asking. He's relentless, his teams always improve year by year. In fact, noone has actually seen Guardiola's ceiling yet as he had to quit his previous jobs due to issues with the higher-ups (Rosell mafia and Rummenigge respectively).

    The only problems ahead are of non-sporting nature, i.e. the war with G4. Let's hope the owners are as relentless and brave as our manager and can defend the club from football criminals.
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  6. paulchapo


    23 Nov 2010
    Well obviously domestically we cannot better it only match it. We can only better a season if we add the champions league to that haul and but for being screwed over by the handball against Spurs I think we would have won it this season.

    Replacing our ageing stalwart stars will be tough but we have managed without them at varying stages and prevailed.

    This squad is hungry for more and success breeds success and an aura of fear around the team that defeats most opponent's before they cross the white line. For the first time I now feel they have that inner steel, allied with an almost manic will not to be beaten that all great teams have and it probably stems from the manager.

    The only real threat to our total domination for a number of years will be being screwed over by FFP and further rule changes which I am sure the old elite are scrambling to create and bring into force as I type.
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  7. Fame Monster

    Fame Monster

    28 Jun 2009
    OSC Milan
    I think we were a better team last season tbh. Although I think Pep's learned that, if we were to go Anfield again, given how well Stones and Laporte did last time, they would be the first choice centre backs (although he might have no choice).

  8. Fordyboy46


    6 Feb 2019
    Chez vegas
    Yep, no way Pep will let this side ease off. He'll want the same next season plus the champs league. Look forward to the summer and see who comes in, hopefully it's an exciting window and we go again next August.
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  9. BlueMoonz1977


    23 Jan 2012
    Valley of the Shadows
    No it is not 'peak' City...…………….

    It is the new 'Typical City'

    : )
  10. Cityfan


    28 Jan 2009
    Agree absolutely believe me I can remember the fallow years, I was a glory hunter as a kid and started supporting City in the mid 60's

    Maybe I don't fully get Pep though I'm absolutely sure he's pushing for more from his team but even Pep will have ups and downs in his journey . The thread is more about speculation about reasons why we may or may not improve rather than a firm belief that we won't, I very much hope we can but recognise it will be pretty tough with some significant head winds, not least being the shear difficulty of improving on something that is so good already.

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