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Jacob Smith

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29 Sep 2014
I know a lot of bluemooners have enjoyed their visits to our ground on their way to Wembley in the past few years so we were hoping we could ask for a bit of help bringing £10,000 into the club by you voting for our well known fan the Wealdstone Raider to win the Marathon Bet #NonLeagueChallenge.

It's a competition for which non-league team can come up with the best celebration, then there's a shortlist of the top 5 drawn up and we've made the shortlist so if we now get the most votes, we as a club will have £10,000 which could be used to improve our facilities for when City fans come down!

Our entry can be found here:
and you can vote for us here:

Sharing this to any blues you know have loved coming to the Vale would be greatly appreciated too, thanks!


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15 Sep 2009
Had to fight every instinct in my body to vote for that unfunny twat, but just about managed it. Done.

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