which laptop ?


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23 May 2004
Still alive here....
I have upto £500 to spend and want laptop mainly for storeing my music and pics on. (no gameing)
Doesn't have to be that portable but must be able to connect with amp and telly.

Any recommendations ? What are your thoughts on the Dell stuff.


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5 Jan 2006
High Peak, Derbyshire
Dell used to be pretty good but their aftersales service has become quite poor. I know people have had their kit no problems, I know people who have had lots of problems. If it goes wrong and you don't know how to fix it you can have bother.

£500 will get you a brand name laptop with not quite the fastest processor. I would look at a Toshiba if it were me - had a few, no problems. Try and get a DVD writer/CD writer combo drive in it. Go for one that will let you expand the memory to at least 1gb. Don't pay over the odds for more memory though - www.crucial.com will sort you with very fast service and free delivery. Get the biggest hard disk you can as you're likely to end up bunging video on their in the near future.

Go somewhere like PC World to have a play with the keyboards/mice as some you'lll like and some you'll hate. Then search online. www.dabs.com in Bolton have decent prices and not let me down yet. You will find a laptop in your price range at PC World, but will get a model or two higher up the range online for same price. Delivery is usually next day to round these parts.

Have fun.


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6 Jul 2005
Bought this one for my Dad for Christmas. Clicky.

Top laptop it is, its got the new intel core duo processor, which allows you to do many things at once without slowing down your computer. I.E can run a game, create a DVD, browse the internet without adverse slow speeds like you would normally.

If you go into the shop instead of buying it online then no doubt you could get some freebies too. The way I played it in the shop was that, I wanted the laptop, but there wasnt enough memory (80Gb) so the salesman threw in a free 120Gb external Hardrive, which I THINK is worth about £80 at the time.

I looked around a lot of laptops prior to getting this one, and I came to the conclusion this was the best one. Some people don't rate Advent (Pc Worlds own brand) for some reason, but I've had a desktop Advent for a couple of years now and its been excellent, no problems at all. My uncle has had an Advent Laptop too, and he said the same, no problems. And at the moment there haven't been any problems with my Dads. And to get that kind of spec'd laptop for 500 notes was excellent value for money IMO.

Good luck.


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9 Aug 2006
Denton, Manchester
All of these sound good, however the Advent laptop from PC World is better than the other two because of the memory, which is twice as much as the two Sony laptops so personally I would take that one. It's also the cheapest ;-)

If you weren't so short on cash I would have recommended Lenovo to you, got mine from a business partner of IBM that i did work experience for and so it had about £200 off it making it only £400 instead of £600, after solving a slight problem with the DVD drive (which was done quickly by phoning Lenovo, they brought a new drive to my house on new years day) it has been both the cheapest and fastest computer in the house :-)[/i]

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