Who would you buy?

Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by Stevieatlasblue, 22 Jul 2019.

  1. the_tevez_wiggle


    3 Apr 2010
    Really like jonathan tah and werner. I'd maybe leave cancelo and get max Aarons instead.
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  2. salfordbluetrue


    2 Jul 2013
    I am of the belief that every year you need to spruce up your attack, for City this looks highly unlikely, but Sturridge is available yes we know that he is work shy and massively injury prone but and it is a big but how many times have we seen both our strikers out injured or the one playing totally exhausted after 60 minutes and that will happen more this season than last. We have a club trained place available and Sturridge is very good in the box with very quick feet on a pay per play he will make more of an impact at City than Angelinol

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