Wolves Away

I just posted a message to try and help fellow Blues like I’ve done hundreds of times. I think the tickets will be last minute returns to the Club from players / management / club officials. I don’t know for sure but it’s clear it is too late to publish new criteria etc. As it turns out these tickets might not even be available as the OSC is checking with City.

Additional tickets don’t become available often but why don’t you just join a Branch if you think the benefits are so wonderful. Btw we’ve just sorted a lift to tomorrow’s game for someone we don’t know who was stuck in Bradford due to the train strike.

I think this Forum needs to catch up how popular the OSC is. Of course most members aren’t interested in away games. Membership was last reported at around 27k and maybe it’s closer to 30k now. Who knows, by next season the number of OSC members might not be that far off the number of season card holders.
I know you were trying to help I was just curious that's all. As I said I wasn't looking for an argument. Ticket allocation for away games is, as you know, a sore subject for many and it will explode on here in a few weeks with the derby allocation and how many are available for points holders.

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