Wolves - post match


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3 Jun 2009
Don't think you can blame this on Mendy/Stirling mistakes. Obviously they didn't help, but when you are playing 5 at the back getting in each other's way and inviting wave after wave of attack then eventually the odds say you will get punished.
Pep got it hopelessly wrong tonight and was informed of the fact in no uncertain terms when he took Kev off. Not sure why the apologists can't see it.
Yeah, could hear Pep telling Mendy to let it go out for a corner!


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12 May 2011
I think this nightmare of a season is of Pep's making. Even tonight, he's gone against one of his first tenets - never play long ball as a game plan, bit it turned we've systematically played long ball to nobody, just for it to return into our third even faster than Bravo hoofed it away, exactly why Pep says we should never do it. And he did literally nothing to change it. All changes to our system and player positions, new players, changes during the games, they all turned wrong when we needed results. It's one thing to drop a bit after two excellent season, but it's something else to turn into glorified Arsenal fighting for top four place. Cannot wait for the end of the season and his resume what went wrong.
No way was hoofing it a tactic. We were a man down with Wolves closing us down and no options. One game of hoofing it in the last ten years ain't bad.


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9 Jan 2006
You’re my favourite!

You’re right. We will win every trophy still available, especially if we carry on playing how we have done so far this season, simply because of what we did last season.

I’m sorry that I raised any concerns. How very dare I!
But it's pretty obvious why we are playing as we have this season - we have a soft central defence. That's all that needs fixing. KDB, Bernardo and Rodri is a sound midfield. Jesus, Sterling, Mahrez is quality. There are variations on that.


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15 Jul 2015
I don't disagree just thought he might have pulled up a bit sooner that is all. Jota definitely made certain that contact would happen, but the referee was too far back to see that and VAR was never going to over rule him.
Yeah he could have just not bothered coming out for it but he's asked to do that job by the coaching staff, I just think people are being a bit harsh on Ederson there. I wouldn't have argued as much without VAR being in place to look at it. In real time I thought he had just clattered him.


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30 Jun 2009
What is football manager?

Not sure what you call it but it’s pretending you know more than Pep.
It's the same side minus Laporte. Name the 4 or 5 players.

Not sure what you mean. We were without the options of Silva; Sane; Stones; Jesus (& Aguero when Ederson was sent off) and played 80 minutes with 10 men

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23 Nov 2016
Right, I've had the chance to calm down now and I would like to point out a number of issues with Atkinson.

Dropped ball leading to the sending off - Wrong decision.

Sending off - Couldn't wait to give it. In reality, their player initiated the contact by sidestepping into Eddie (even though Eddie missed the ball), and then went down 'seriously injured' even though there was f*ck all wrong with him. It would have been easier for him to sidestep the opposite direction and tuck the ball in the net. The way decisions have been going against us recently I would put money on Serge or Raz getting booked for diving in the same situation tables turned; even with sham VAR review.

Penalty - Fair enough. Retake, no argument, although he needed VAR.

Positioning - Atkinson's positioning after our goal looked like he was deliberately getting in the way of the outlet ball (standard snide tactic of many a bent ref) to Kev or Bernie, meaning they had to work twice as hard in order to be able to receive the ball. This upset our rhythm, and already down to 10 men really meant we struggled to retain possession (borne out by the stats - 38% possession).

Bernie handball - Poor decision, where Bernie was looking to break. Took the pressure off their defence.

Build up to their equaliser - Foul on Mendy (although I'm certainly not saying Mendy wasn't at fault. It should have been Row-Z). On 2 other occasions (one soon after the goal) the same player barged a City player off the ball as he did to Mendy and was penalised for it.

Very disappointed with the referee, and he's supposed to be one of the better ones.


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2 May 2011
He didn't though, it was never a red card. Watch the replay again he pulled out of the challenge and Jota looked for the contact. Shouldered Ederson in the hip and fell over by the looks of it. Freekick and a yellow at the very most. Why didn' the ref ask VAR to have a look at that?
I don’t give a feckin toss whether it was a dive or not the fact is the bellend put us in that position after 12 fecking minutes which is an act of gross stupidity

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