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19 Apr 2007
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Thanks for the reply Kev

I take your word about what you did and didn't hear but you must have plugged into different media outlets than I did. I've become a big fan of the women's game as a whole and, as such, consume a lot of relevant output from mainstream and fan based sources. Among many others, I follow the channel 'Sarah & Sara' produced by a couple of Americans who seem to be as focused on the players' personal lives as they are on the football. Even they spoke of City's chances and, for the sake of Rose and Sam, they hoped City would make it.

Now, to be fair, I didn't come across anyone who actually thought Manchester City would overturn Chelsea's lead because everyone was convinced that Chelsea would beat Reading. Every media that I read, watched, or listened to did discuss the possibility of a City triumph however. I don't see how any report could have done otherwise.
True about Chelsea being red hot favourites (City missed their chance of winning the title by not beating Chelsea in the home game a couple of weeks before).
But I stand by what I say , ie I didn't hear much (if anything) from the mainstream media but City having a outside chance before the final game. Still sometimes I think he can hear what we want, but that's what being a fan about .


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25 May 2021
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Manchester City

PFA Women’s Players’ Player Of The Year 2021 & PFA Women’s Players’ Young Player Of The Year 2021 Chloe Kelly & Lauren Hemp (In Both) for me Especially Chloe our Player Of The Season for obvious reasons.
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