Your Greatest City Match Ever Attended!

without doubt the day we won the league at Newc, went on my own on the train aged 15 without my parents permission. One of the best days I ever had.
Probs go with last derby at Maine Road as well. Watching Neville gift the Goat his 99th goal was amazing and then to see him score his 100th against them scumbags was just brilliant.
4-1 at Blackburn when we got promoted. Villa 1-1 in FA cup Richards scored in last minute. Last Derby at Maine Road. Schalke. Tough choice when you're not allowed to include Wembley.
The swamp anniversary derby......I sat behind Micah's dad and brother and had the craic with them throughout the game.

Words cannot describe the feelings involved during the minutes silence and then the 2 goals........amazing.
Been over here since '82, so only sporadic attendance since then. Therefore, of the matches I actually attended, 2 or 3 stick in my mind.
1. Nov '75, City 4 Scum 0, League cup Rd 4. The game that Colin Bell was injured by that koont Martin Buchan
2. April '81, City 1 Ipswich 0 F.A. Cup s/f. Probably the best atmosphere at an 'away' game (neutral ground, so neither home or away, but you know what I mean!) that I've been to. Villa Pk was alive with blues that day; I was in the Holte End, bang in line when that Paul Power free kick went in. Thought I'd died and gone to heaven after the game. Enjoyed it far more than the final, TBH.
3. Sept '81, City 3 St(J)oke 1 Division 1. Tricky Trev's (the original) debut. Glorious sunny day, The Victoria ground was packed with blues and TF scored twice on his debut. Phil Boyer scored the other, IIRC.
The swamp last yr was special for a lot of reasons,but purely as a Blue it has to be Colin Bell's comeback after halftime at Maine Rd against Newcastle on Boxing Day, 1977.
0-0 half time won the game 4-0,the hairs on the back of my neck still tingle when i remember that game.
I recall a home game against Watford, I think it was the 1982 season when Big Joe was injured in the first 10mins and Bobby McDonald went in goal(we went on to win 1-0), but that will always be the standout game for me.

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