Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

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  1. dickie davies

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    oh please do fuck off
    Not a chance and it's not because he wouldn't want something mega special, or hasn't the funds

    COMS was built with a grant from Sport England. Following the Commonwealth games the stadium was handed over to Manchester City Council (MCC), who then leased the stadium to Manchester City. All lease payments go to MCC and are ring fenced for sport projects in the Manchester area. It's the Commonwealth games legacy
    When the takeover happened, ADUG liked the inside of the stadium but were very unimpressed with the outside and also the staffs offices. They originally wanted to build a brand new state of the art facility and knock COMS down (new stadium where the campus is, campus on the stadium and collar site)
    To knock COMS down meant that ADUG would have to purchase the stadium. The issue here is that COMS was built using a Sport England grant and any money used to purchase COMS would go to directly to Sport England, not to MCC. As above, the stadium and its income is the Commonwealth games legacy
    It would have been far more economical to knock COMS down and build a new stadium than redeveloping. But it meant the money leaving Manchester
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    14 Nov 2012
    Have been following this thread for years (including the archived thread) .
    This is a genuine Question. - What is the Official capacity of the current Etihad ? - is it 54,500.
    And is the record attendance vs.Bournemouth(hard to believe) / - 54,384 - ?
    Just interested........
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    13 Dec 2016
    Quite possibly. You have to factor in segregation as to why certain bigger games will sell out, but have lower attendances.
  4. i thought our record attendance was against Leicester
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    I agree with you DD but I’m not the guy who gets the sack if ticket income falls. My view is the Club should announce the North Stand expansion and demand will grow. Build it and they will come.
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    Went to a breakfast seminar with the chief exec of Manchester life speaking this morning. Didn’t magage to ask directly about the stadium itself but a few snippets.

    Got the very distinct impression the area around the stadium is a slow burner as they develop new Islington and ancoats. The first residents have moved in the manchester life schemes last week and they have sold the first 30 apartments in Murray’s mill. This is phase 1 of six phases of development essentially stretching from town to the etihad. The adug group have just bought the retail park (where toys r us is) as well so they continue to invest heavily in Manchester. The main news was that transport to the stadium is very much being looked at.

    Think that may potentially be improved before the stand!

    It will happen just maybe not just yet.
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    54,693 (Manchester City vs Leicester City, 6 February 2016)
    Capacity: 55,097

    Source: wiki
  8. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    I enquired about the waiting list and was told that if you purchase the Cityzens Matchday membership you are automatically enrolled into the waiting list.
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    Nope. That's not right.
  10. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    It may have changed then?

    I am just quoting from their communication, "When you purchase the membership they are automatically enrolled on to the waiting list."

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