Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

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  1. sweenyuk


    25 Jun 2008
    I might be wrong but I thought the capping shafts and decontamination work was council funded. City don't own that land, they could have the car park took away at very short notice if the council ever decide to sell or develop it. I think it is just a waiting game where the council are happy for City to make use of the land until the right development opportunity comes along
  2. IIRC, MCC transferred 40-odd acres of land primarily comprising the 'Collar Site' to the JV company with the proviso that the Council has the right to buy the land back at market value if construction hasn't started within 15 years from the date of the transfer. Again from memory, I think that takes us to 2027-ish. I'll try and dig out confirmation later on - just a bit busy ATM.

    EDIT - Got it slightly wrong. The JV (owned 80% by City's sister company and 20% by the Council) was to purchase the collar site land at market value on the following terms:

    The proposed disposal will be by way of a circa 250 year lease. The ”JV” Development Company Limited will develop the land in accordance with the Commercial Plan but if less than 25% of the Collar Site has been redeveloped within 15 years of the grant of the lease the Council will have the right to take the lease back from the ”JV” Development Company Limited at market value.

    The point about the Council having to pay market rate to take the land back is correct, though. In practice, we need to develop 10 acres on the collar site by early 2027.

    Source - a Council report on the relationship with MCFC and East Manchester from March 2012. If you follow this link, the page doesn't open (for me at least) but it gives the opportunity to open the report in PDF:
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  3. bluestu1968


    30 Jun 2011
    My post was in response/support of a previous post, regarding the change in the waiting list system.
    At no time did I ask for my £100 deposit back, but I was contacted by the Club who informed me that they had been trying to return it!
    When I asked why, they informed me that as I was a Member I was already now on the waiting list.
    So in other words the waiting list has been expanded to all those with a membership not just those who had paid a deposit.
    I would assume that I was amongst a number of people on the waiting List who this has happened to, this would appear to be a change in the Policy or procedure at the club.
    I have had a membership in it's various forms for as long as I can remember & this is renewed automatically every year. It was because of this that I received a call from the Club sales department asking if I wanted to pay a deposit and join the waiting list when it first came out.
  4. UUJblue


    29 Mar 2011
    Ultimately there was always plans to try and incorporate the store into the back of the stadium/ north stand so i would imagine this is in the pipeline. As for City square, it is completely temporary and could be flipped to another site, or side of the ground.

    On another note does the old athletics stadium get used much these days? i presume for sports other than football?
  5. somapop


    8 Mar 2010
    Yes - that's the feeling I get - it's been well answered since you posted this however.
    I remember Apollo leisure almost getting involved (which would suggest a mixed used concert venue) then the 'World of Sport HQ's' plans appeared.
    It's frustrating as there were a raft of people who saw the original plans and described them in glowing terms ('breath taking etc) but the collar site remains a desolate place (with , as you say, £20mllion pounds worth of ground works).
    The recent opening of the Louvre in Abu Dhabi piqued my interest in what could potentially go up around the stadium and the 'signing' of Howard is a bit tantalising.
  6. Psychedelic Casual

    Psychedelic Casual

    1 Sep 2016

    Level 1 Safe Standing n'all
  7. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    At the moment 10s of thousands spend a couple of hours in the City centre before descending en masse at the ground. If there was something substantial at the ground in the way of pubs, places to eat etc it might actually improve the travel because you'd stagger the numbers of people who visit the ground over a longer time frame.

    Is such a complex viable over one day per fortnight? I think any development at City needs an additional attraction like a concert venue to make bars, restaurants etc viable

    Presumably something is in the planning stage. Hopefully a North stand ext gets included in an integral development. If that is the plan, then it will be a bigger exercise than the South stand ext.
  8. blueparrot


    7 Jun 2012
    On this from February, it has 'Arena' just to the left of the stadium , not sure if this refers to a new arena or the existing stadium.

  9. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    Thanks. I think that relates to the ground as it is now, but I was thinking about a Manchester Arena type venue, and it has been mooted before.
  10. jrb


    8 Oct 2008
    Just posted this on SSC.

    TBH I don't know how up to date these picture's are, as I don't often come or post on this thread. Didn't even check the date of the picture's on Twitter. Just came across them. The CGI of the proposed single tier looks great.

    Certainly a club on the up on and off the pitch.

    Single tiered end.





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