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Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Mayor West, 21 Apr 2015.

  1. Leto


    12 Dec 2015
    They're not real football fans. If you believe you can just decide to change your team on a whim like that then there's no point in being a supporter.

    Your team is your team. Changing it it like changing your parents, you're born to them and your team (or pick your team, you don't necessarily have to be local etc), but once you've got your team that's it. Yes, there are rare occasions someone might need to disown their family and then find someone else to fill that role but that's after you've suffered serious abuse at their hands or something similar.

    Soccer Club United of Manchester fans ditching their team to support a new one is like disowning your parents because they didn't get you the right trainers for Christmas. They're a bunch of shit house turncoats that have managed to convince themselves that they're something special when they're anything but.
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    21 Dec 2009
    Sounds like your club is teetering on the edge of oblivion.
  3. dario2739


    6 Jan 2009
    Pretty much this ^^^

    I can understand why rags were pissed off with the Glaisers, but to stomp off and start a club, claiming not to support them ever again - or until they sell the club is fucking stupid! The precious twats should try putting up with what we've had to suffer over the years!

    Firstly, a high proportion of the fickle c**ts still go to the swamp - probably never stopped going!
    And secondly - so what happens if the Glaisers do fuck offF? Disband this tin-pot little outfit and all go back to the Stretford toast rack with their tails between their legs?
  4. Machiavelli


    1 Jan 2016
    Shellsuit Tailor Heysel Branch
    In the 1980’s time warp with SpionBob
    Long live the Glazers.
  5. Seasideblue


    13 Jan 2010
    Serious question for north manc7
    What are you and your club thoughts regarding the current Blackpool FC situation
    They have owners they despise but didnt start a new club they started a NAPM (not a penny more) campaign
    This along with the recent court judgement has forced the owners to put the club up for sale

    Which of the 2 sets of fans would you sugest are "loyal"
    Just asking ?
  6. shilly8903


    11 May 2012
    if i dont't watch Blackpool then i don't attend football matches. I only turn up to watch Blackpool because it's my home town team and i support them, why the fuck would i attend another teams game? Part of the match day experience is having the ups and downs and going through all the emotions during the 90 mins, you wouldn't have that watching someone else.

    Stelling and bets for me. I am hoping by the time my Son is old enough, things would have changed and I will happily start watching again. I don't care what division we are in, I just don't want to feel like I'm being taken the piss out of.

    The thought of watching Fylde is a bit unrealistic. Not sure I could enjoy watching that level of football.

    I just don't find football as interesting without the emotional connection.

    took me 30 seconds to find some true loyalty the badge on the blackpool forum [​IMG]
  7. Mad Eyed Screamer

    Mad Eyed Screamer

    25 Nov 2010
    Tampa Bay, Florida
    That's a bit harsh considering they invented non league football and singing 'witty' songs at games.
  8. Tanzeylee


    25 Feb 2014

    Oh they’re ‘special’
  9. Gingers Dad

    Gingers Dad

    8 Mar 2011
    Wonder how many of you lot who "own" the club are prepared to put your hand in your pocket when all the debts need repaying?
  10. NorthManc7


    4 Nov 2017
    The reasons for FC United existing stem from much more than just the Glazer takeover. Wasn't exactly on a whim the idea had been touted for some time. Wouldn't in all likelihood make a jot of difference if the Glazers did one.

    Not sure about your high proportion, I don't know any. Small minority is probably closer to the truth.

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