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  1. BlueHammer85


    13 Oct 2010
    A few years ago it was ‘we never give any f*cking kids a chance’ and ‘Rooney will never be dropped,it’s a disgrace!’ Blah blah blah

    Now we have a very young squad and some excellent talent coming through the ranks. We have got a 100% qualifying record and just drawn with Germany and Brazil.

    Are we playing brilliant football, no, but international football is different - I watch likes of Argentina, Brazil and Germany and they don’t play amazing great to watch football.

    Course there is always areas of improvement and we could be better - but f*ck me, we get a new Manager and a new crop of young players and the Internet brigade can not wait to pounce on any negativity, I actually believe some get annoyed if we play well and win, they are just filled with so much bitterness.
  2. Bewar3them00n


    24 Jun 2013
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    Thought that was a decent defensive performance from England, considering there were plenty of apt he so called "regulars" not playing.
    Seems like Southgate may have been paying attention to Pep and Poch after all.
    Walker and Stones were very solid, Gomez looked decent too.
    Not the best spectacle, but good for the youngsters
  3. SilvaisSkyBlue


    27 Dec 2010
    It’s the English mentality to constantly tell average English players they are amazing and ‘world class’, when in reality they are very very average.

    Personally, I think England games are absolutely turgid boring shit with players who play for certain clubs being fawned over for anything they do which usually is bang average shite.
  4. BigOscar


    13 Jun 2013
    Not sure how you could watch that and think it was Pep and Poch that he'd been paying attention to. Somewhere in a Manchester hotel there is a Portuguese man who had to put a cushion over his lap half way through that game.

    I like the integrating of young players, but sending them out there to park the bus is only going to continue the inferiority complex that England already have as a national team. It's the exact shit Maureen did with the United team at Liverpool and it's crippled their confidence. That's the problem with parking the bus, you are telling your players that they are so inferior to the opposition that they shouldn't even try and play them at their own game.
  5. I'm With Stupid

    I'm With Stupid

    6 May 2013
    Iheanacho looked good for Nigeria today. They look like an exciting side that can't defend. Much more fun than some of the dross that's qualified from Europe.

    Does anyone know what's wrong with Otamendi's hand? He seemed to have it strapped up.
  6. worsleyweb


    29 Sep 2009
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    Thank god they are over. Back to real football now.
  7. chaddblue


    5 Jan 2008
    Yep, no more international breaks until the end of March

    The league will be practically sewn up by then
  8. Cityfan


    28 Jan 2009
    I had the impression that they weren't trying to park the bus but just didn't have the wherewithal in midfield to play it out , the backs could play the ball but Hart and the midfielders gave them few options.
  9. cleavers


    30 May 2007
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    Been strapped up for about three weeks.
  10. Metalartin


    15 Jul 2015
    No... get it right I said were flat so not the true measure of our quality but lets not make it ALL about how bad we were(you are being way over the top to the point of giving the opposition no credit was my only point) as that's simply disrespectful to Girona who have since proven it was no fluke.

    I'm not saying they are on the same level but they are capable of doing a Leicester on some of the big teams if they take them lightly... City, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid how many times is enough? Yes we had a bad game but half of it was us underestimating the opposition and it probably served us well to get the idea we can just show up against any team out of our system.

    Speaking of Leicester, I have a feeling Pep wants to put them to the sword for taking points off us last season.

    I do agree with your general gist of not taking too much from friendlies btw but every team wants to win them really, it's a matter of how much they really want it sometimes or if they have a point to prove to compensate for nothing really being on the line other than pride.
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