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    The Manchester City midfielder Dizziness takes cadet Manu Garcia
    It was also claimed by the Real Madrid and Barcelona and rejected an offer from Sporting, with which at age 15 and playing in the Youth

    Manu Garcia Sporting midfielder cadet, Dizziness leave to accept an offer from Manchester City.
    The Spaniard player was also claimed by the Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as well as having had contacts through his father, with firm proposals, plus other English clubs have been interested, but no concrete bids.
    Sporting had made an offer, to be considered by the technicians Atletico as one of the most promising players Dizziness. Even got to play with the youth team, despite having started the season in the second cadet team with an unusual progression.
    José María Meana Acebal, director of Dizziness, lamented yesterday that "some work done on a small club like ours and most powerful leverage other clubs." Gijón coach added that "we can not do anything because the players are free to the end of the second year cadet, as in the case of Manu Garcia", resulting in an entity like Sporting "a feeling of helplessness."
    Sporting Manu Garcia arrived three years ago from the Astur, with Steven Prieto, recent international and two other players, under a collaboration agreement with Sporting have ovetense entity.
    According to the report of the technical Atletico, Manu Garcia is an attacking midfielder with a style of play similar to Xavi Barca, but with better options coming to the area contrary.
    So far, English clubs were tracking better trained players from clubs like Barcelona. Were cases of Pique and Cesc, among others, who were later recovered by the Catalan club with some important transfers.
    In the case of Manu Garcia, proposals father reached him just over a month. After carefully analyzing the details of the proposals, one aspect that was influential was the ability to practice the language, plus the projection sport can have on a club with Manchester City structure, which is the Spanish sports director Txiki Beguiristáin, whose functions are to hunt talent.
    For this department, the British club in Spain has the services of scouting David Fernández Miramontes, exdelantero Deportivo, Sevilla and Toledo, who also played in the Scottish Football Bay's hand at the start of the new century, who and Manchester led to two other players like Galician projection to Manu García, among others.

    - Txiki effect. Who is David Fernández Miramontes ? maybe our scouter
  2. Re: City sign Manu Garcia

    Google translated from Spanish to Fucking Drivel.
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    2 Feb 2011
    Re: City sign Manu Garcia

    Sure it was translated from Google? This is the result I get from Google Translate, reads much better..
    Seems to have great potential, hope this one is a good buy..
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    Re: City sign Manu Garcia

    David Fernandez is our main scout in Spain, he's been in a few Inside City's.
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    Re: City sign Manu Garcia

    Are they saying this guy is a bit dizzy?

    Can't afford that...he needs to be able to track back...
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    Re: City sign Manu Garcia

    Reminded me of watch that Kidulthood and Adulthood, think thats the only word i heard throughout them films!
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    Re: City sign Manu Garcia

    never heard of this kid tbh, but allways exciting with new promising youngsters!
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    Re: City sign Manu Garcia

    The man from Miramontes - he's big in pineapple chunks.
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    Re: City sign Manu Garcia

  10. Re: City sign Manu Garcia

    Lets hope he is better than the older Garcia currently with us.

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