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  1. canyerdogputoutafire


    11 Feb 2008
    santiago street
    Time does indeed fly by Taxi, it only seems couple of months since your last trip to the Scottish fortnight in Blackpool. There are big plans for the Winter gardens, and new Mediterranean style housing on the way in, enjoy.
  2. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    Packed and ready to go.
    Four days of fantastic fun in the sun.
    And in the British sunshine.

    We have no palm trees or san miguel or piehella but what we do have is a sense of Britishness in all that we see and do.
    A sense of stoisismn and a sense of morality that continentals can only ever ever dream of.
    We are a band of brothers and the Scotch are my kinsmen for ever more ;
    See you all in the Pool.

    Here is my favourite Scotch band with my favourite scotch track and my favourite city song.

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  3. fredmont


    5 Jun 2013
    Taxi for Taxi
  4. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    In order to be transparant Fredmont is now number one on my all time poster list.

    Can you give me cornets with a flake in it and rasberry
    Can you give me pie n mash on a tray with mushy peas and juice
    Can you give me McEwans lager on draught.
    Can you make us both really happy with brilliant entertainment ?

    Bless you Blackpool and I guess you could give us everything !

  5. talkativesprout


    30 Mar 2009
    Thought you would have gone for

    It supposedly came about from sitting at a bar, drinking a pint and saying Nae body gonna hold back dis river
  6. RadcliffeRick


    27 Oct 2011
    Something in Oil
    Kuala Lumpur Via Radcliffe
    No update from @Taxi today. Do we need to arrange a search party?
  7. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    There is much more to Blackpool than Floss and donkeys.
    Johhny Vegas is in town filming his new comedy series and we got to chat before camera roll.
    We spoke in the past when filming Benidorm and a finer actor you could ever wish to meet with Shakespearean barde like undertones in his quest for perfection.The rarest of talents were it all comes au natural.Benidorm is so lost without his presence.
    I told him we were down for the Scottish Fair and he quipped that this was one of his favourite weeks.

    The director in the background was now shouting for silence as Johhny began to tune into character.
    In true Shakespearean style I shouted out break a leg pal.
    He stopped paused a moment in reflection and smiled as if to acknowledge our bond and love of the stage.

    A legend and a really good pal of ours.

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  8. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    Yes well I am back and it was okay.
    A big thank you to those cellarites who offered to pay for another week but impossible owing to work commitments.
    Really appreciated though and what a fine bunch you all are.
    An honour to be a part of the Moon family as we move forward into this our new season.

    England is the most beautiful place in the world if the sun is shining and shine it did.
    But with a drop or two of precipitation the tables get turned and then it's plain old gloomy.
    Sitting there under a heavy nimbostatus we pondered the unpredictability of the Lancastrian climate and questioned the merit of staycations.
    Around six or seven years ago they were popular in the UK as the weak pound made abroad holidays more expensive.
    And now we come full circle with the euro rate almost on parity with the pound.

    The crac was there but without constant sunshine is it really the same ?
    It was a very good short break and of course still highly recommended.
    The hotels were cheap and not to capacity as school holidays have not yet kicked in.
    Nothing dampens the Scottish resolve though and a cracking bunch of folk as usual.
    No such thing as a tight Scotsman they are as generous as the day is long and I for one salute their indatigability and good spirits.
    A pleasure and an honour to slurp in their company.

    A few pictures taken with a Samsung Note at 13 mg landscape mode.



  9. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
    Excuse my ignorance Taxi but is that middle picture taken from the north pier ?
  10. Taxi


    2 Apr 2010
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