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  1. bluemoonmatt


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    It’s probably been done already but for me I think there’s no harm revisiting the subject from time to time. However guvnors feel free to delete if you so wish. Anyway I’m up early, the wife is being idle in bed leaving me to see to the sprogs, and while reading the Silva contract thread I thought is he THE best, so I sat down an thought let’s try n do this objectively

    10. Joe Hart - Controversial perhaps but in his pomp and pre Pep when most of us looked at a keeper as the guy to keep the ball out of the net, Joe did just that, seemed to prove it when up against some of Europe’s elite, thinking Dortmund and Barca games in particular

    9. Paul Lake - a career truly snatched, his inclusion in MY list is probably a scewed one but he was my first blue hero and a mighty mighty fine player. Who even knows what position he would have ended up owning for club and country.

    8. Mike Doyle - can’t eulogise much here, as I said I’m trying to be objective but a fine true blue city captain and one of a select band of men Chuck Norris feared.

    7. Francis Lee - pigeon chested never bowed to anyone, he was our short lived saviour in retirement but his failure in the boardroom shouldn’t detract from his placing on the all time scorer list. There’s no place in my list for our former all time top scorer Eric Brook, I simply chose Franny on a ratio issue.

    6. Mike Summerbee - one place above one third of our version of a bygone holy trinity. He was a polished footballer (I’m told) who was at times easily the liver thief’s equal. Has gone on (Tony Book being another who doesn’t make my list but...) to be magnificent guardians and ambassadors for the club.

    5. Bernhard Trautmann - the top goalie in my list. It must have been quite horrendous for him to win over a tough crowd post war but win it he did, it’s telling even other fans of many ages and many clubs know who he is. If you never heard, Dave Whelan once broke a leg in a cup final, David meet Bert, Bert, David, you guys have a chat.

    4. Yaya Toure - a complete footballer. Strong powerful, precise, a game changer a game winner. He has had problems, how many of these are down to advice received from his slug of an agent we’ll probably never know but in his pomp him taking the ball from one end to the other before smashing it beyond a startled keeper was a piece of cake.

    3. Sergio Kun Aguero - why so low whhhhyyyy I hear. Well there can for me be only two reasons Our perfect diminutive ALL TIME LEADING goal scorer only gets third. There’s currently 178 reasons some will suggest he should be higher perhaps even top. It’s a tough call but an honourable bronze Kun.

    2. Colin Bell - one of those I can’t talk about having seen live but this is where objectivity comes in. I grew up watching a shit City, a City of Brannan and Frontzeck and getting excited when we signed a quick little winger called Terry Cooke. In these times the older guys would tell us about this guy they called the king. The fact they still do today speaks volumes for his abilities, another like Lakey who would surely have gone on to achieve so much more but for Martin fuckin Buchan.

    1. David Silva - given my intro to this I guess you knew what was coming. If I ever see a player more comfortable on the ball, more able to find a colleague when he needs, more able to pick the right pass, I only hope we see that player in a nice shade of blue. Maybe KDB will one day be that player in the meantime let’s give thanks for the fact that David Silva has gifted us the prime of his career, in this age of players going on strike, cakegate etc we have had the consummate professional and for this I thank god allah buddha krishna and any other mythical being that sent this man to east Manchester.
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  2. worsleyweb


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    Tevez has to be in there for me and corrigan over hart.
  3. Cityfan


    28 Jan 2009
    Can't say any of that list are unworthy but I would find room for Kompany, he's had too many injuries of late but at his imperious best he was the leader that got us over the line back in the days when Utd were a threat.
  4. bluemoonmatt


    20 Jun 2007
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    It’s a tough call I spent an hour over that the two joes certainly have a battle royale and I fear my list doesn’t include enough defenders as Cityfan says Kompany perhaps should be there, I lay down a challenge, you guys do yours objectively obviously ‘wink’
  5. No place for The Goat? Big part of a team that secured back to back promotions when the club was at its lowest point. Who could forget when Gary Chuckle fed the Goat?
  6. bluemoonmatt


    20 Jun 2007
    Pharmacist ;-)
    Gods Country
    Goats a ledge, go on, do yours ;)
  7. the blue panther

    the blue panther

    6 May 2010
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    I could probably quibble with 1 or 2 of your choices but, having watched City for a similar period of time as you, I'm happy to go along with that list - and I agree - I'd have Hart in over Corrigan,
    A productive morning for you, and well done on getting your priorities right!
  8. Cityfan


    28 Jan 2009
    Can't be anything but subjective:
    Wright Phillips

    If I was older Doherty, Swift and Trautmann would be on the list
    De Bruyne will make it very shortly with possible additions of Stones, Sterling & Sane

    I don't know how I have missed out Benarbia, Zab , Lake, Goater, Doyle, Barnes, Tueart , Hartford or Hart.
  9. Can’t really comment on the likes of Bell, Sumerbee, Trautmann as they were a bit before my time but would have loved to have witnessed them.

    10.Kevin Horlock
    9.Richard Dunne
    8.Uwe Rosler
    7.Carlos Tevez
    6. Shaun Goater
    5. Shaun Wright Phillips
    4. Ali Bernabia
    3. Yaya Toure
    2.Sergio Aguero
    1.David Silva

    All Sweated blue blood and was gutted or will be gutted when they don’t play for us anymore.
  10. Millwallawayveteran1988


    23 Sep 2010
    Players I have watched regularly. (Caught the tail end of Bell but obviously not in his prime)

    1. Silva
    2. Aguero
    3. Toure
    4. Kompany
    5. Sane
    6. De Bruyne
    7. Bernarbia
    8. Lake
    9. SWP
    10. Tevez

    Sterling/Stones/Ederson will be getting in that list shortly if they carry on the way they have been playing this season.

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