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    General Videogame Thread

    It’s excellent. But I accidentally sold my only weapon and ended up fighting a guy (the boss were the ball worms are in limgrave) to get the curly sword. With a shitty dagger. I thought my head was gonna pop! About 15 times. Twat
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    General Videogame Thread

    30 hours into Elden Ring and I’ve just beat Godrick The Grafted (along with the Tree Sentinel, Aleeg Dragon and a few others) and it’s DOING MY HEAD IN. I know, I finished Bloodborne and half way on DS3 but why do we put ourselves through these games? I can’t stop playing… but it’ll be the death...
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    Back pain/sciatica

    That’s awful. I have it 5-6 times a year. Not the slipper disc, but I feel like crying in frustration after a 3 week bout. Wankers
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    What are you listening to.................RIGHT NOW!!!

    Can’t stop listening to this album at the moment
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    Media Thread - 2022/23

    It’s honestly one of my guilty pleasures. Those Echo headlines are just incredible. They are so beyond parody and truth, I think they need to invent a new terminology for them. It’s beyond my imagination. Perhaps someone like Dali? Beethoven maybe? Edit: Last paragraph in that article. I’ve...
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    Welcome Erling Haaland | Signing confirmed on a 5 year deal

    Can’t wait to see this guy. Until this week it hasn’t bothered me it’s close season but now I want City back
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    Last Film You Saw

    So… out of 10? 9 for me. Not nearly as divisive as I expected, and dare I say, sensible in most aspects.
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    Last Film You Saw

    What is a Woman? Matt Walsh’ goes in search of the question no one can answer. Thought it was good. He gives just enough rope and doesn’t tend to preach. Interesting
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    Stupid little things that bug you

    People asking ‘what you on?’ As in what you are having for dinner at work. Fuck off, none of your business. Nosy c##t
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    The Alan Ball era

    To be fair he had 1 in 2 at Portsmouth..!
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    Identity Politics

    Best thing I did was block the guy. It’s like talking to that guy out of little Britain with the computer.
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    PFA | Foden wins YPOTY | Just 3 players in TOTY

    Not really a surprise. It’s just propaganda now. They can’t sell their product as people can find a way of watching for free. They have to create a false narrative to get the clicks and money. Funny tho, because Liverpool fans probably know this and feel dirty. I would.
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    The Album Review Club - Week #39 (page 437) - ????

    A 4 piece from Cambridge maybe?
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    Stomach ulcers

    Well yeah, I’ll be joining you there then. Beer and Currys… although I don’t have Vindaloo anymore. I’m trying at least..
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    The Smiths & Morrissey thread

    I think Break Up the Family is my favourite Morrissey song.
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