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    Fan loses life after yesterday's game

    Fans conning together to try to keep someone alive rather than doing each other harm is the norm rather than the exception! I feel for you and the rest who tried your best to save this poor man. My deepest sympathy goes to his family and friends R.I .P blue
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    Punk and New Wave thread.

    My mate from school played drums for Crass and Flux of Pink Indians, He lives in Berlin where he is a fairly successful Techno DJ/producer.
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    That 34 Year Banner Mocking Us at The Swamp.

    I think it would be pathetic to copy from the scum
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    Best Goal Celebration vs Arsenal, Adebayor or Rodri?

    One of my favourite memories from back in the day, ball hits the net and bang, the air is filled with bog rolls being thrown towards the net. The distraught keeper then attempts to remove as much as possible to clear his goal mouth.
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    The Title Race | How many points to win the league?

    Definitely, because we had the title won pretty early we lost the Semi, the Derby Leeds and West Ham games due to a lack of intensity, we just dropped our level and it cost us in the Champions League final.
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    Chelsea v Liverpool preferred outcome

    Chelsea win, we play them at home in a couple of weeks and will be able to deliver a substantial blow to their hopes. A draw would be fine but I can see a Liverpool win unfortunately.
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    York away (footage)

    I was with my mate in the main Stand, the seats had no segregation and I was sat next to an OAP York fan who took the piss out of City all game. Horrible day
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    Leeds United (H) - Tues 14th Dec, 20:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    Yes, I also went the year before, when I think we had an even bigger following. The 2nd game was brilliant other than the pitch invasion, the running battles outside were as bad as I have seen, in over 45 years of watching City home and away.
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    What has been your worst moment following our club?

    Luton by far the worse for me, the week before loads of us had been singing and dancing at Hove station, having just won a tight game at Brighton 1-0. We only needed a draw at home to Luton, at team that had just been battered 5-1 at home to Everton. We had done the hard bit, or so we thought.
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    Is Simon Gregson a Man City Fan?

    I think it was Wilson who got punched and it was inside the supporters club.
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    FA Cup 3rd Round | Swindon (A)

    Yes, we sat in the Platt Lane with loads of them around us, they gave us a tough game.
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    FA Cup 3rd Round | Swindon (A)

    Wigan at home, won 1-0 Colin Bell scored after Wigan keeper had slipped taking a goal kick. 1970
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    Concourse Singing

    He had a southern accent, bald, in his forties with no filter. I'm pretty laid back,but this guy really got my back up, although I ended up talking another guy out of punching him senseless.
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    Concourse Singing

    Some dickhead was having a piss during the scrum to get in, horrible bastard was very lucky he didn't get a good kicking. I usually defend our support, but this guy was acting like a complete c@nt.
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    Watford (a)

    Pm sent
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