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    Ref Watch

    Also thought Oliver was excellent today, didn't buy into the late match diving by the Chavs, let the game flow and got pretty much every decision correct
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    Chelsea PL (A) | Man of the Match

    Bernado has more energy than the duracell bunny, everywhere today. Whole team played well but only one choice for me
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    Chelsea (A) | Post-Match Thread

    awesome performance by everyone, but hats off again to Bernado, his energy is absolutely vital to our A game, brilliant for 90 minutes and never stopped running
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    Energy companies and direct debits

    You don't have to accept the increase, check your account there should be a minimum amount you can adjust too. At some point you'll get back to parity and you can increase the amount then
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    Energy companies and direct debits

    I went on line earlier and reduced mine at bulb by about the same figure, helps that im in credit I guess
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    Clinton Baptiste

    who? And why do you ask?
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    Things your missus does that drive you to despair

    4 hours later the lights still on and she's still going back in there "in a minute"
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    Who should be our penalty taker?

    still a shit penalty though
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    RB Leipzig (H) - CL | Man of the Match

    Ghoulish for me, had Cancelo been playing ahead of Walker in midfield then it would probably have been him
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    RB Leipzig (H) - CL - Wed 15 Sep 20:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    City Slicker on the bench?? not a name I'm familiar with
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    This forum - source of comfort

    presumably as this enables you to understand things could be a whole lot worse?
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    The wonders of the Internet!

    only 91%?
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    9/11 where were you?

    In work, got a phone call off the missus telling me the first plane had gone into the tower. First thought was what a horrific accident, then she said second one had hit, other phones in the office were ringing as worker mates families rang them. Obvious at that point it was terrorism. No TV...
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    Poland v England | World Cup Qualifier

    well that was a good time to remember this was on :)
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    Ederson and Jesus cleared to play (Pg 63)

    Surely the argument is that the rule is impossible to enforce? There is no requirement to release players 10 days before an international, which would have been necessary for them to play the match. Therefore either the clubs are expected to make a gesture of goodwill (like that would happen)...
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