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    United Thread - 2022/23

    I wonder if the čunt is ever sober enough to regret any of his poisonous remarks about us? I don't think he would ever admit it if he was, not publicly at least, but he must feel a bit silly when he sees what we've achieved over the last decade or so.
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    Liverpool Thread - 2022/23

    Me too. The bloody stress and anxiety are too much for me. Stuff all that 'nail-biting' excitement of the final day, I'd rather go into the final game of the season not giving two fucks what happens, just enjoying the football.
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    United Thread - 2022/23

    My hatred for the fuckers started when I was conceived. The moment I waved a teary cheerio to my dad's Jap's eye I had one thing on my embryonic mind - to hate the bastard rags for as long as I can.
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    United Thread - 2022/23

    A sullen, petulant, namby-pamby 37-year old man-child - and the rags are contractually obliged to pay him £500,000 a week. What's not to like?
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    Biggest bellend in football (with no connections to United or Liverpool)

    I didn't know Motson was disliked. Mind you, I always preferred Brian 'The Big Match' Moore.
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    United Thread - 2022/23

    I don't think there's a football fan in the whole world who didn't see this scenario unfolding when it became obvious the rags were not going to make the top 4. The club gambled on the 37-year old getting them CL football, but did not take into account the absolute dross they had playing behind...
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    United Thread - 2022/23

    I hope to fuck he stays away from the Prem. I cannot stomach the egotistical prick so if he goes abroad I won't have to look at him ever again. The media say he divides opinion, he does not: every one hates the cûnt.
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    Andy Goram

    Lost many friends and family members through cancer. I wish with every fibre of my being that we can find a way to eliminate this awful, awful illness once and for all. It won't bring back the ones we've all lost but it won't affect generations to come. I live in hope.
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    United Thread - 2022/23

    The media narrative does what it's always done, defends the rags and the dippers and keeps any negative stories about them far from the world at large. They would never bite the hand that feeds them. The likes of the Custis brothers and Simon Stone would be cast into the wilderness if they dared...
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    VAR thread 2022/23

    It won't make any difference in the way the Premier is officiated, it will still be different rules for the rags and dippers.
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    Biggest bellend in football (with no connections to United or Liverpool)

    Nigel Pearson - military-obsessed bully.
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    Chelsea Thread - 2022/23

    I concur. There are only two clubs in the Premier league where he'd be welcomed...
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    Another US owner? This time Everton.

    They see it, they most definitely see it.
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    United Thread - 2022/23

    He's not capable of anything more than a high-pitched squeal. He's the sort of embarrassing little prick who probably used a biro pen to draw a fake moustache when he was in his early twenties.The verminous-looking twat doesn't have testoserone, he has talcum powder.
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