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    ******Cricket Thread******

    Complete fuckwittery. Poor communication ??, but the fact they've even CONTEMPLATED running for that, in the early throes of a Test Match, is staggering
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    Premier League Games 14/15/16 January 22

    It doesn't upset me at all. A touch of realism is needed. Maybe you should start watching Strictly... but there MIGHT be body contact.
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    Premier League Games 14/15/16 January 22

    Point 1 If that's the rules of the game, then the rules is an ass. Point 2 We're even further on our way to a non contact sport, says anyone with common sense. I'm not saying we go back to the days of Nat Lofthouse, but he's barely made contact with the keeper, let alone, committed a foul.
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    Premier League Games 14/15/16 January 22

    He had no "real" control of the ball. Game IS going soft.
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    Premier League Games 14/15/16 January 22

    Yet our first v Brighton, a few weeks back, was REMARKABLY similar
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    joke thread....

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    joke thread....

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    joke thread....

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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Get the open top bus out
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    Examples of City boiling piss - help needed

    I think you'll find it was 6 out of 6 Sorry to be a pedatic piss boiler ;-)
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    Racist podcast rant - Arsenal fan & 'Comedian' Alan Davies not happy with us

    Just fuck off back to your tavernas, and take your Sunday night kebabs with you. We don't need your chilli sauce mate, or sala' wiv dah. Your raki rips me apart. I'll scratch all your Demis fukin Roussos records, too. AND you know where you can shove your fuckin bouzouki, as well.
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    Arsenal Thread - 2021/22 |

    Pray for Ql Anal.... .I mean Alan
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    FA Cup Games 7/8/9/10 January

    Don't take away the shite player
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Jermaine Jenas says hi. I've owned toothbrushes with more charisma, yet he's EVERYWHERE
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