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    Words you hate?

    Gr8 post m8
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    General transfer rumours

    Any % for us on his next sale?
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    Went there years ago and went to the station to buy a platform ticket (remember them!) Just googled it
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    Imagine the chant at the local football game.... "Give us an L....."
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    Music Association Game

    The Creatures - Wild Thing
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    Liam Delap

    So is Middlesbrough
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    Best Ever Headed City Goal

    Didn't it come off his shoulder, not his head?
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    Wealdstone FC for Wembley Free parking for Coaches, Mini Buses and Cars

    How hard is it to keep a camera on the main action when standing still?
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    41 today

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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Is he still stealing a living as a "journalist"?
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    Harry Kane

    Always wondered what happened to Blazing Squad
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    USA v Mexico | CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021 Final

    Fell asleep and just woke up. 1 min left ha ha
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    USA v Mexico | CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021 Final

    Yes should have put it away. US keeper playing well. Texting a US friend who says Zack Steffen is a better keeper than Turner but Turner is playing week in week out and Zack doesn't so he would pick Turner for the world cup
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    USA v Mexico | CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021 Final

    Must be just me and you
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    Safe Standing: Rail Seating in South Stand

    She was. She was a free spirit and to her credit never followed the party whip. She was one of a handful of labour MP's who didn't back the fox hunting bill and as much as I supported the ban she went her own way. She was an MP who listened to what her constituents were saying. A trait sadly...
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