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    Could this be most unpredictable season in recent memory?

    Definitely, most games start off with good intentions but then almost become walking football, almost training like at times. Football without fans is not the same, the intensity is not there and if this goes on much longer the players will suffer anxiety when the supporters come back.
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    Sian Massey

    Professional rugby union have female referees and what I watched the Irish lady was impressive. Saying that she was dealing with big strong hairy arsed men who she respected and they returned the respect. Football has a long way to go in every aspect of the game, every sport has changed for good...
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    Allopurinol is the answer, resisted them for year's until I got fed up of hobbling around a few times a year, went on a jolly to Antwerp and all weekend in my room. Started on 1 a day then 2 for a spell but back on just the one again. Went through all the triggers mentioned and still had gout...
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    Contacting ISP during Covid

    Spoke to sky last night and this morning, short wait but service was good but both not UK nationals which was the only issue. There is a direct number to the broadband dept, just answer no to the question " did this help" then it offers " do you want to contact us". There was a number at the...
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    Nostalgia. What takes you back?

    Oddly the the smell of cigarettes when people gather outside the pubs, not the stink of stale smoke on your clothes but the fresh smoking smell. Never smoked in my life but had great times back in the 70's and 80's in pubs and clubs and they were full of smoke and smashing bird's. It's far...
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    Almost around same time they took it all down last year, took a while to get back to normal, mine is down tonight but vod is working. Only really watch football on it so never sure if it's on or off most days, read on here that Chelsea were three down so had a look but it is off.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Bournemouth (24/09/20)

    Think Rodri is putting a shift in.
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    Flu jab

    Work paying for all employees and everyone over 16 in their household to get the jab, as earlier post it's with Boots and work sent code and you book appointment online. Had it free at Doc's other years but towards the end of the order list so this way can get it done out of the way.
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    Wolves (A) Pre-Match Thread

    4:0 City Always go for 2 goals each half and downgrade if it starts to go tits up.
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    Excessive benching of star players

    With the amount of games we play I think they all have a decent balance of games. If Pep kept anyone for just cup games ( excluding keepers) then you wouldn't blame them for wanting out, but Pep uses the youth for that. If the players can earn the same for playing 30 games as 60 and not feel...
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    World Snooker Championship

    Was going to watch the Barca game but stayed with the snooker, only seem to watch Ronnie these days and it's to see what Ronnie turns up. It's great when he plays well and last night he was like city, great going forward but liable to lapses. Accusations of disrespect was all in Selby's head and...
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    Media Thread - 2019/20

    The Martin Samuel link earlier was a great read, Mike Ashley making £17M out of the failed takeover and the charity shield story shows how Martin certainly see's it and is happy to not follow the rest, 3 great stories. Thanks for posting the link
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    Bournemouth (h) pre-match thread

    With it being free on pick and early start we need to show the young kids in this country just what a great team we are, can't see why this generation of kids would want to follow anyone else. Yesterday rubber stamped our success so let's give our generation of new fans a finish to remember...
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    Electric bikes

    Out walking the other day and a friend of a friend pulled up with two mates, all keen cyclists and all three had electric bikes. Had a chat and they love them and they range so much further than they used to because of the assistance. Asked how much they cost, two paid 7K and one 5K so not in...
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    Mass stabbing in Glasgow

    Saw the post and switch on TV, sky news on it but BBC still on about beach gathering 50 minutes after this kicked off. BBC gone back a mile standard wise.
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