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    Erling Haaland

    Heaven knows I’m miserable now
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    Guess The Team/Score Compy Session 1 Game 12 Burnley (H) PL Entries by 13.00

    Steffen Walker Dias Laporte Cancelo Rodri Bernardo De Bruyne Foden Grealish Mahrez Carson Stones Ake Zinchenko Fernadhino Gundogan Sterling Palmer McAtee De Bruyne (F) Sterling (L) City 4 - 0
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    Message from a Sunderland fan

    Sang that in a pub with the Mackems at wembley Good laugh that day and fair play to them taking defeat so well
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    A Small Clip Of The Tennants Sixes.

    Was at that match Times it was easier to get away tickets compared to who you know now to get one
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    Newcastle takeover confirmed

    So fucking true
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    Newcastle takeover confirmed

    I dont Geordies are similar to dippers who think they are football royalty with Devine right to trophies Always preferred mackems
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    That’s it, problem solved.

    They allow people into the ground wearing half and half scarves but you can't wear shorts If I was in charge any fucker with an half and half scarf would be frog marched to trafford Don't let one individual spoil your support
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    Liverpool (A) Post Match Thread

    To come away from Klanfield with at least a point is fantastic especially with the biased one sided officials. Fair play to the lads for keeping their cool and professionalism when faced with such blatant cheating.
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    Liverpool PL (A) | Man of the Match

    Celebrated that block like I would a goal fucking tremendous
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    Liverpool PL (A) | Man of the Match

    Phil Bernardo or Bernie Foden
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    Guess The Team/Score Compy Session 1 Game 11 Liverpool (A) PL Entries by 14.30

    Ederson Walker Dias Laporte Cancelo Rodri De Bruyne Bernardo Foden Grealish Jesus Steffen Stones Ake Wilson esbrand Mahrez Sterling Fernandinho Torres Palmer De Bruyne (F) (L) 1 - 1
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    Darwin Nunez

    Fucking needy some of the fuckers
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    Liverpool (A) - Sun 3 Oct 16:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    Horrible bin dipping, coach wrecking, miserable bunch of fuckers
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    Darwin Nunez

    Don't know about the lad but it makes me laugh when people come on stating don't waste money on some player who could become fantastic in the future when a lot of people have been saying for years we need our scouts to be getting the next gem. Kane too old, injury prone, not good enough scouts...
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    Liverpool (A) - Sun 3 Oct 16:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    Form is temporary Class is permenent
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