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    Media Thread - 2019/20

    Someone mentioned the word ‘queer’. Another replied highlighting the ‘PC’ aspect of using the word. I added a link to an article discussing the contemporary use of the word.
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    Media Thread - 2019/20
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    Good Documentaries....

    Dig The devil and Danial Johnson Anything by nick broomfield.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Arsenal (17/06/20)

    Disgusting from Tyler. No need at all. ‘Played 5 days later’. Unacceptable.
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    "Mr Maximum" Willie Thorne

    Sad loss but for a moment there when I saw that Gary lineker tweet......
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    Bluehammer's 'Top 100 Greatest Songs of All Time'

    There’s a good doc about the KOL. Explains a lot. There’s a couple of people in the background that are integral to the band from a song writing perspective. The first two albums are excellent then it tails off. All they wanted was to break out in the US and that’s partly why the sex is on fire...
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    Worst casting in a film

    Ken boon as the poacher in withnail.
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    Random facts

    Eggs contain small amounts of almost every nutrient the body needs to function.
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    Champions League Games 10/11 March

    BT is like watching love island or that jungle one. 4 muppets wi more shit ‘corrected’ then a 4yr olds dissertation submission.
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    Champions League Games 10/11 March

    Another Liverpool player about to be hung out to dry by the candle buyers. Adrian is admittedly wank but it’s there fault they brought him in. This seasons salad reminds me of amir zaki. Athletico are fucking horrible though. The shithouses are being shithoused. Bit of light after Sunday.
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    Champions League Games 10/11 March

    That frank sinatra knob will fucking love this. You sound like trump. Coronavirus is against us as well. It’s plotting so the red dippers win the chumps league. Get a grip.
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    Champions League Games 10/11 March

    What colour is Gary tax dodger.
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    FA Cup 2/3/4/5 March

    Defo thought this. They press quickly like a decent U19’s but a little skill passes them by then they’re panicking. Barkley is the same as wallcot, very fucking lucky they are English.
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    Anti UEFA demonstration at Madrid game - whistles ?

    I’ve been a nurse for 20yrs. What is this ‘broken leg’ you talk of?