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    Newcastle United Thread - 2021/22

    If they do, they'll get a decent website, ours have been shit since he's gone.
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    Lionel Messi

    My apologise ,a old man that's not on Twitter. But I still stand by my last point though.
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    Lionel Messi

    Something just doesn't sit right in this, Barca comes out with this Messi is leaving(with a Montage of his greatest goals for them) yet not one player from the team(that I have seen)has wished him luck in going forward in the future. Maybe he's playing PSG now, as he did with us last summer.
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    Brighton (A) | Post-Match Thread

    Look, the sending off was one of them, if it was Foden running instead of Welbeck will be all screaming for a red. and the tackle on Jesus in the box was a bit 50\50, but the tackle on Gundogs knee was a disgrace, in my mind a straight red card all day long. So for Peter Walton to say on BT...
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    What do you call ...them

    They want to be us....hahaha
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    Help for Fellow Blue

    Donated and shared, thinking of you blue ;-] xxx
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    I've just finished reading THE UGLY GAME, and i will say that i don't trust anyone from UEFA or FIFA from taking a back hander from the Qataris, who are very good at the dark arts and everyone has a price
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    Rock's greatest guitar solos

    Can i chunk in Eddie Hazel - Maggot Brain
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    Media coverage 2018/19

    Can I just say, I listened to BBC 5 live this afternoon, I must say the guy mark chapman was defending our cause on every front, it must have been hard for him being a rag. but, fair do's
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    Southampton away sold out

    Is the ticket still available?
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    Newcastle (H) Post Match Thread

    Reaction hoare. Couldn't get there today( first time this season) gutted, man, it's hard watching on a mobile phone in a hospital. I thought he was a willing outlet on every attack, and the boy done good.
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    Barton's latest tweet LOL

    Joey Barton = Oxygen thief.
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