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    The Super League | FA + PL: New Charter & Fines | UEFA: Settlement

    Interesting development:
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    Premier League Relegation Race 2019/20

    Figured we're down to the final six matchdays and things are tight at the bottom. After 32 games, here's where things stand: 15. Brighton & Hove Albion 33 pts GD -10 16. West Ham United 30 pts GD -18 17. Watford 28 pts GD -20 18. Aston Villa 27 pts GD -24 19. Bournemouth 27 pts GD -24 20...
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    Is Fernandinho the best Brazilian footballer to play in PL?

    In terms of achievements (trophies) and overall playing standard, is our Fernandinho the best Brazilian footballer to play in the PL? My best friend is an Arsenal supporter and he says Gilberto Silva is the best. I, obviously, disagree and feel Ferna has had the best time in England. What do...
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    PL Fantasy League

    Will anyone be running a league this season?
  5. S

    Predict the Final League Top Six Competition

    Thought we could have a comp for predicting the remaining City, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, and United results via the league table predictor linked below, posting our final top six (with points totals for each club) from the resulting league table in this thread. League Table...
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    MOTD’s All-Time PL Eleven

    The clip is a few months’ old but I think it’s worth watching if you missed it. I was disappointed to see that Zabaleta and Silva were not even shortlisted for their respective positions. And I’m not sure Yaya was even mentioned for one of the midfield spots.
  7. C

    Has anyone read this?? Talk of Barca to the premier league

    I have searched everywhere to find talk about this on BM but could find anything.. Sorry if this has already been posted. "Arsene Wenger insists Barcelona should not be allowed to join the Premier...
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