11 | Jeremy Doku - 2023/24

Took me a while to be convinced but these last 3/4 weeks it's like he's suddenly clicked. Let's see how he does starting on Thursday.
Hopefully as well as the last 2 games he started. He was very good against Villa on the right and brilliant against Luton. Was very surprised he didn’t start. Surely we can use him and Grealish together at times, particularly when the other team has a shit and slow left back.
think its his best position coming on when the opposition is starting to get tired, today and wednesday he has been quality, people must know what he does , but they cant stop him, get that final ball right and he will be a superstar for us, still needs to improve but one for the near future.
Hard for him to really improve his final ball when he’s crossing with his weak foot. Obviously he needs to improve his shooting but none of of our other wide players deliver good final balls. He’s the only one who can consistently skin people to create space against parked busses.
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Can’t believe how unforgiving our fans can be . He’s only just joined club and shoes straight in team. He’s still a youngster and raw. Overall a mixed bag but also some great speed and trickery and made openings in games where we were going through Groundhog Day recycling ball but going nowhere
Needs to start on Thursday. He’s made a positive difference in the last 2 games. Don’t want him to get the dreaded super sub tag.
It’s scary how effective he is already at his age and in his first season. Workrate could improve, though, but only in the sense of tracking overlapping runners because he gets back a fair bit.

Can’t wait to see how much he improves. Sky is the limit really.
At this moment, at his age, what can he do more/better or what do we expect from him? Perfection? I think his final touch (assist/shot) is already pretty good these last games. To attack defenses like that is a risky business, if he can break 'm up a few times, I think it is already great. He will not always succeed and lose the ball, it is part of how he plays football.

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