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    12 Sep 2012
    Hi all,

    Thanks again for requesting to join the 1894 singing section at Wembley, we've submitted your details to the club and we would have been in touch with your if there were any problems with your application.

    We've publicised that the deadline for this was 4pm on Friday, but due to a significant number of applicants not buying their ticket on time, we requested a further deadline to be put in place. The club have confirmed that this deadline is 3pm today. If you haven't bought your ticket before this time, your reservation will be removed and you won't be guaranteed a seat in the singing section.

    You need to login to tickets.mancity.com

    Select Tickets, then men's tickets:

    Then select 'buy tickets next to the Chelsea game:

    This will display a stadium plan and give you an option to 'Choose block' on the right hand side:

    You need to select either block 134, or 135. There is more availability in 134 so we'd recommend you buy there.

    Select the seat you'd like. Then press 'add to basket'. Then go to your basket in the top right hand corner and pay for them.

    If you have any issues please call the club ASAP on 0161 444 1894 and they will be able to help you.

    As stressed previously, if you don't buy your tickets before 3pm we cannot guarantee your seat. The game can and most probably will sell out today or tomorrow.

    If you have bought your seat already, ignore this email. You will only be able to buy your seat if you qualify via ticket points.


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