19 | Julian Alvarez - 2023/24

He looks like hes running through treacle. I dont know if he needs a big break or something but really struggling now.
I know I've already commented on this, but what? Was I watching a different match? I thought he played really well.
Was you at the game?

I don't intend to watch any highlights but from my perspective he did a whole lot of nothing. Up against a physical centre half pairing but he looks miles off what we have seen since he arrived.
I really don't know what people expect from our forwards at this point when we just flat out refuse to supply them. If he or haaland doesn't score they're shit according to a few on here.

Ran his bollocks off, caused numerous turnovers in the first half that we should have capitalised on but as usual didn't.

Had that great piece of skill to free himself for a shot first half, not sure if it was going in or keeper would have saved it before kdb got in the way but good effort all the same, second half he tee's up kdb who should have buried it. He really couldn't have done too much more than he did given the service he had. Good game.
Ran about a lot, especially in the first half. Has to be said, his shooting has been woeful for a number of matches, now.
thats my summary of him for past few months. In the first season, every shot appeared to be on target, now his finishing appears wayward. still lots of energy and chasing but little else

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