20 | Bernardo Silva - 2023/24

He's wonderful in the way he just suddenly pops up in midfield and runs about with the ball. Not necessarily going anywhere or even doing anything with it, but it allows everyone to regain shape and pulls opponents here, there, and everywhere. Thought he was going to have to go off as that looked a nasty one.
Shout out to Bernardo very much needed tonight. Him coming central doing the dirty work going largely unnoticed was vital and allowed kovacic to perform as well as he did. With attacking players returning and having more options, I'm hoping we see more of Bernardo central again, it's where he's best and the team benefits greatly for it.
Big game player. Always delivers when we need him the most. Brilliant tonight in a tricky (at times) CL away knockout stage game. Wonderful footballer, one of the best in the world.
Foul on him was a straight red. Hopefully nothing serious.
Put him central and you get a huge performance. Sometimes it's a good option to have him wide, but every single big game without fail I'm having Bernardo alongside Rodri.
Fingers crossed he was taken off last night just as a precaution - he was walking much better as he left the pitch so hopefully it'll be a quick recovery from that horrible foul.

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