20 | Bernardo Silva - 2023/24

72 hours. Has any player had a shorter redemption arc??
Could see on his face he took the blame for our midweek exit personally. He never needs to apologise for anything to city fans, you won't find a player that gives more than him. Delighted he got the winner and hopefully any burden he may feel can be lifted.


I don't like when our fans are saying he's redeemed himself. He doesn't need to redeem himself.

No doubt he blames himself because you don't get to this level without the mentality to be the best you can be and he'll know it was a shocking penalty but its done now, nobody gives a shit 3 days later. The goal today will help him I'm sure.
Deserve the joy of scoring the inner after what must have been a shit 72 hours
couldnt agree more , he deserved the inner and the winner :), i was thrilled when he scored, he actually embodies what city are, skillful and works his bollox off, i actually thought he played well within himself, and i really hope this is the boost he needs to take the edge off his misery, quality player , fucking love him.

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