20 | Bernardo Silva - 2023/24

Anyone slagging Bernado off is a **** end off.
Fuck knows what they would have made of Brannan and Conlon.
Anyone slagging any of our players off is a ****.
Yeah I have a right moan about some aspects of the club.
How they treat proper fans and pricing but how any city fan can have a go at any of our players is a joke
Gave him a lot of shit for his performance but did score the winner, I still think he hasn't been at his best lately but is still very important.
The shit what’s getting posted on here is absolutely embarrassing, he’s a legend , he’s city through and through. I’d have him here all day every day , never ever get frustrated to use an excuse to abuse one our own , of all players he’ll hurt tonight more than most . Leave it out . The comments made are not needed at this time of the season, those calling him out maybe have a word with yourselves city and football maybe not what you should be into.
It’s a game of football trust me there’s worse things in life what can go wrong.

Up the blues
An absolute legend end of .
Thank you Bernie.

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