21 | Sergio Gomez - 2023/24

He didn't have to defend much, but he was perfect on the ball, especially in the buildup to Doku's goal. The passing between him and Lewis was lovely.
Great lad. I hope hi gets time and minutes he deserves. Much better player than Alvarez.
First time, I think, that he’s been on the pitch and hasn’t tried shooting; taming his inner Cancelo! Lovely quick feet in the lead up to Doku’s goal.
In the era of 25 man squads, Gomez is an excellent, versatile squad player, and I’m not sure some fans understand the meaning of that phrase! He can play all the way along both wings and even do a shift as an inverted FB in a pinch.

Young, got a shot and a cross in him and hadn’t upset the apple cart. What’s the problem?

In my mind, City will have more problems keeping him than wanting rid! Excellent squad player for the fee and wages!

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