31 | Ederson - 2023/24

Certainly been in the wars this season. I wouldn't read anything into the sling, he'd be in one if it was a dislocated shoulder and he'd be in one if it was nothing but a impact bruise that's just standard precautionary practice. Hope it's minor but we have Ortega so we can cope.
Was hearing someone say inside the ground that he was out for the season - clearly that was baseless speculation or random drunkenness. However did Pep say it was looking bad? Ortega can cope but if anything happened to him I’d not be at all confident about Carson, egg shells for 5 games
If Ederson is out for however many games,you couldn’t have a better back up than in Ortega in fact looking down the league which other keeper would you have instead of him I’d say none,we have the 2 best keepers in the league ..
I would argue that they could both play in the midfield. Eddie passing range can be compared to Kdb's while Ortega has the footwork of Silva (any one of them)
If Ederson is out for the season might it be worth looking at an out of contract keeper than Carson? I’ll probably get killed for this but offer a one month contract to the donut thief?

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