#50 | Eric García - 2020/21 performances

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Gaudion M

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5 Sep 2014

Stop playing him Pep. He’s fucking shite.

I normally stick up for the fringe players but I have been saying for a wile i'm not arsed about this lad leaving. Form wise he is garbage and I dont think he was ever that great when he had a 'good' run.

Pep likes him - if Barca had not verbally agreed a deal with him then we would have signed him on again. I think we dodged a bullet here but its all still verbal as far as i know. Could Barca pull out - would Pep sign him up if they do....


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1 Feb 2012
He was so all over the place it was hard to tell the position he was playing at. Stonesy had to operate as an auxiliary right-back and bailed Garcia out a couple of times as it became clear Garcia was a like headless chicken.

blue b4 the moon

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25 Feb 2005
He played him in a meaningless match precisely because he in no way features in City's future. Why put on Aymeric, for example, and get him injured?
By God but he was bad, though.
Very much this, I'd have had an EDS lad on the bench instead though.

But for Covid tests I'd drive him to Barca myself. The only good thing is that he's out of contract so even if Barca offer him pennies he'not carry-on stinking our club out.

It wasn't just his poor defending last night what really pissed me off was that shit shot he had, professional footballer nah.

St.Pauli support

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17 Feb 2010
The ugly side of BM again, picking out the easy victim. Eric the traitor, not wanting City, the oxygen chief. Goodness.

It was a nothing game for us, most players bar Foden didn't reach our standard level. CL final ahead, please no injury in mind.
Shafted by the (non-)ref, reduced to 10 men.
Brighton pushed by their giddy undercover rag-fans, learning early they were allowed to do with us what they wanted - and did!

Garcia not being a good enough RB was no news. At least no surprise to me.
I won't even talk about missing match fitness, out of position. Any other player would get some credit, but he just has to click and be another Walker.

Those asking for Laporte or Aké as RB - not sure you really want to watch that...
Like the thought or not: we can be glad to send out Garcia as RB when Walker isn't fit and Cancelo sent off. As if any kid would be better vs a giddy and physical Brighton/Everton side - without any support from Mahrez, Bernardo and Rodri.
Zinch was no better, even Eddie had his clownery.

Next one. 12/32 PL GOALS conceded with Garcia (38%). So what!?
Another proof how stats mean nothing when you don't add any quality to pure numbers. As if he alone was responsible for (those 12 goals conceded):
2-5 Leicester H (remember?)
1-1 WHU H
3-4 NU A (dead rubber)
3-2 BHA A (dead rubber).

The ball he sent into the Brighton sky was not the easiest to control and Eric is no striker. 95% of all players would have done similar. No reason to panic about that.
His smile - yeah, maybe he just thought "what a shite night". Which it was.

Nobody close to the team will call him unprofessional or traitor. He has been part of the team and celebrating all the good moments, and surely not happy when we were losing.

Let him leave in peace ffs and laugh about his future matches for Barca and Spain - or not. Just a bit more balance would be fair.


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7 Nov 2005
I don't hate him but the simple fact is that he isn't good enough for where we are now. He will go on and have a career in football in the same way that Boyata, Tosin, Humphreys etc have done all of whom were touted as the next big thing at the time.
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