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Pontypool Blue

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19 Sep 2017
Pontypool Wales
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I don’t think it’s anything to do with Bluemoon.

I get United and Liverpool stuff if I go on the United or Liverpool threads, I got an advert for a sex toy company once when we were talking about mastrubation and dildos in Off Topic.
I don't mind the sex toys - it gives me a chuckle - but having the Dipps (and since i posted I've had a joint Dipps and Rag one too!) pop up at the bottom made me feel dirty.
In fact the older I get the more I detest the colour red. I'm currently looking at buying one of those EV car things, the dealer said we have red in stock, I said no thanks Blue please! It's a 3 month wait for the blue so a wait it will have to be!!

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