Aguero to leave this summer


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7 Mar 2006
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It's the right time but it doesn't make it any less sad. We can't justify his salary anymore and he deserves to go play out his last few years somewhere else whilst he still has something left.

Just really, really hope there is one last big moment for him in our shirt. The winning goal in the CL final would be beyond beautiful but if anyone can it's him.


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1 Oct 2020
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Just watched our greatest goals on Sky sports this morning…. Fuck that was emotional l, so many memories.
Doesn't seem long ago, does it? That substitution v Swansea. I knew a little about the lad from his time in Spain and I knew he would be special for us, but not in a million years did I think he would do what he's done. It was clear from that first performance we had signed somebody extremely talented.

And just like that, 10 years have passed.


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12 Sep 2012
Hopefully, he helps us win the Champions League this summer. If he does, he overtakes Silva as our all-time greatest player IMO.


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10 Aug 2010
Gutted. Think most of us knew this was gonna happen but it still hurts.

Possibly my favorite City player next to Dave. Will never forget that first day he came on, hit 2 goals past Swansea and laid on one for Dave, we just knew we got someone special. Of course, QPR 93:20, it had to be him. Plus the many other goals for us that mark him as the one of the most terrifying strikers that league will have ever seen.

The man is with us as we went from Mancini to Pellers to Pep, slowly gathering our trophies and growing our stature. Never once edged for a move despite the countless newspapers pushing him to Madrid, but he always loved and believed in the club.

Vinnie, Dave and now Kun, this is truly the end of a spectacular era.

Glad the club's building that statue because the man deserves it. Proper City legend, and I wish him all the best wherever he ends up.

Please stay fit till the end of the season Kun. Let us enjoy the last few minutes we have with you. Let us watch, and drink it in.

Southern KK

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3 Aug 2004
Thank you for the 29 goals before this one.

Thank you for this one

Thank you for the following 227.

I'm hoping there's still more to come.

My heart is sad, but my memories are many and joyful.

Legend is too smaller a word.

Thank you again.

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