Another Maine Road watering hole goes

Jimmy Rivers

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23 Sep 2011
The Albert was my Dad's local and the first pub I went in regularly in the early 70`s.
Landlord then was an Irish bloke called Gerry and was a real old school pub.
No women allowed except on a Friday and Saturday night after 8pm and had to be accompanied by a man.Only the man could buy drinks of course,not that there was much in the way of drinks aimed at females available other than a random bottle of martini.
The Good Old Days gentlemen ?
Gerry was the landlord when we first used the pub on a regular basis. Always bought everyone a Xmas drink and he had a great sense of humour. After Gerry, the next landlord was Paul. We always remember him for fighting the Middleboro yobs who attacked the pub after wrecking the Clarence. They failed but I seem to remember Paul's specs getting smashed! The pub's windows were saved from the various bottles/missiles that were thrown, by the plastic sheeting left in situ after the Moss Side riots some time before. Happy days!


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28 Dec 2015
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