Antoine Griezmann

Kinkladze's crazy skills

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21 Nov 2019
Wythenshawe, was Moss_side+Fallowfield+Gorton+more
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Apparently Athletico are willing to let him go to fund Ronaldo deal. Would you have him?
No in my humble opinion I've always seen him as overrated he's a 7 or 8 out of 10 in a lot of areas just very suited to Atletico back then not really even good enough to start for France and wasn't he meant to be on 600k a week before Barca wage cuts? I don't think he's worth it to us at all and he wouldn't take the required wage cut even if he was, all Barca thought when signing him this expensive mistake just like Turan Arda is taking him would weaken Atletico but neither move did, the reality is it only strengthened them huge mistake Barca made when signing him I'd rather Alvarez start over him if he played for nowt and honestly I'd take Luis Suarez over him now even at his age too.

EDIT: I wouldn't take Suarez either just to be clear I'm just using him as an example as he's an old fart available on a free
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3 Jul 2015
Would prefer Antoine De Caunes before this joker.
I agree.

As a sidenote, I have the feeling that most English people don't have a clue how spectacularly famous AdC is in France.

I'm talking mega-famous, and probably the reason that Canal+ didn't fall on its arse in the earlier years.

An extremely funny individual (especially when paired with sidekick José Garcia on 'Nulle part ailleurs')

His daughter Emma is also super hot.

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