Anyone know the guy in the Family Stand who berates early leavers?


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9 Dec 2019
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Leave when you want mate, I don't tell anyone not to leave early. I just find it sad to see a stadium half empty on FT because people can't be arsed staying cos they're in a rush. So that's about 25k. Where you all rushing to leaving behind some of the best football you've ever seen or likely to ever see ?

But worse than sad I think it's disrespectful to everyone involved within the club, especially after seeing several goals scored in jaw dropping football. It's becoming more embarrassing that the players leave the field after a fine display only for half of us to piss off early cos we can't be arsed staying and clapping them off. seems worse after we've thrashed a team, bizarre that I think. if more games were on a knife edge on 80 mins less leave a game.

As for the "I'm a bigger fan than you" it's not about that, well I don't see it like that. I know blues dotted around the world who love the club as much as I do. They'd love to take up the empties and stay till the end, but they cant!

This football is as good as it gets or ever got. Just consider that and stay till the end and applaud the lads off the pitch, instead of bloody rushing to get out when you really don't need to.
I don’t tell anyone not to leave early, then finish with stay until the end and applaud the lads off the pitch. Make your mind up.

It isn’t anything to do with the players, more than anything it’s peoples lives and how they prioritise their time. When I leave early it’s because I want a quick getaway, if you could promise me the same journey home staying until the end I’d do it, leaving ten minutes or so early saves an hour easily and I’ve got better things to do than sit in traffic for that time. If you don’t that’s your priority and right to stay until the end. I’d love one of the gobshites to hurl abuse at me if I was leaving early, they should focus on their 100% top blue support for the players until the end instead of being distracted by people going....


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5 Jun 2012
Hi,don't know if it's the same guy but i was walking out Saturday 92nd minute and this bloke flips going mental, normally i would not have bothered but i had my lad who was 11 and i thought who the fuck are you shouting at and i caused a bit of a scene of which I was so embarrassed about,acting like i did in front of my lad who got upset was terrible, however my lad doesn't fancy Leicester now so if it is the same guy he's definitely getting pulled the mouthy prick.
I observed this. The guy was over the top (and not for the first time) and it wasn't a surprise that some people reacted back. Such a shame it's put your son off, hopefully he will change his mind.

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